Cosmetic Dentistry


Dental crowns & dental bridges are a long-lasting solution for damaged or missing teeth. They’re easy to care for, as there’s no need to remove or clean your bridge or crown. Instead, you can brush them like regular teeth. Your dental crown or bridge is designed to match your natural teeth. Call our office to arrange a complete examination to determine if a crown or bridge is the right option to restore your natural, gorgeous smile!

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are custom-designed caps that are placed over the entire surface of your tooth above the gum line. Today, all ceramic dental crowns are made to blend with the appearance of your natural teeth when you smile. Crowns can protect your tooth after a root canal, cover an implant, or hold a dental bridge in place. For example, dental crowns help conceal tooth damage and can protect a fragile tooth. A properly-placed crown blends in seamlessly, matching the appearance of your natural teeth.

In short, dental crowns offer preventive and cosmetic benefits including:
• Large broken-down filling
• Cracked or broken tooth
• Discolored tooth
• Tooth with poor size or shape
• Extensive tooth decay in one area

If you live with the pain of a broken, decayed, or cracked tooth, a durable and long-lasting dental crown covers the damaged area. Dr. Wank will make your custom crown to match the shape, size, and color of your existing teeth. A crown will enhance the appearance of the damaged tooth. More importantly, a crown will restore the tooth’s natural function. In short, your dental crown will enable you to bite down, chew, and speak with naturally. 

Cracked or missing teeth can be embarrassing, Dr. Wank can repair your damaged or missing teeth using crowns and bridges. Either crowns or bridges are excellent options to repair your chipped, broken, or decayed tooth. In addition, they can also protect a weak tooth from further damage. In addition, they will replace one or more missing teeth and eliminate your discomfort when chewing.

Above all, dental bridges and crowns are designed to look just like your natural teeth. You can eat, talk, and smile with confidence.

With years of experience, Dr. Wank will go over the options and procedures for the best course of action. His top priority is to make your dental crown or bridge procedure easy and comfortable. Crowns & Bridges dentist conveniently located in the Upper East Side, Midtown Manhattan. Call the office 212-867-0345 and make an appointment to get started!

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help to fill gaps between a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two crowns, one on each side of the bridge. Your dental bridge also includes false teeth, located between the crowns. The two natural teeth, surrounding the gap, act as the anchors of the bridge. A fake tooth attached to the bridge replaces the natural tooth and fills the cavity. Dr. Wank permanently places the dental crowns to your natural teeth.

Dental bridges offer preventive and cosmetic benefits including:
• Restoring your smile
• Holding your remaining teeth into position
• Restoring your ability to chew properly
• Restoring the shape of your face
• Readjusting your bite to regain your ability to chew properly

Missing teeth make it difficult to chew without pain or smile without embarrassment. Above all, if missing teeth are not promptly treated, they can cause your remaining teeth to shift and become crooked. Dr. Wank can answer any questions you have about repairing your teeth to prevent this from happening by building a dental bridge.


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