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Dental emergencies may include knocked-out or very loose teeth, oral bleeding, severe mouth or tooth pain, or a swollen area on the gums. Many dental concerns can wait until your next scheduled appointment, but others need immediate care.

If you’re not sure if your situation is a dental emergency, call our office and Dr. Wank can help you decide on your next step.

Examples of Dental Emergencies


Toothaches are not uncommon and can have a variety of causes such as tooth decay or a cavity. If you are experiencing an excruciating toothache or one that lasts for a long time, it may be an emergency. Dr. Wank will diagnose the issue and address it quickly.

Knocked-Out Teeth

If your tooth has fallen out as a result of trauma to the mouth, seek treatment with Dr. Wank immediately. The faster you get emergency dental treatment, the better your chances are of saving the tooth.

Loss of Filling or Crown

Another common issue is a lost filling or crown. If you don’t treat one of these lost teeth within a few days, you may risk damage to the unprotected tooth especially for emergency fixes such as filling or crown replacements.

Objects Stuck in Teeth

If you get objects stuck in your teeth, and you can’t remove the object with floss or other standard methods, come in to see us as soon as you can. Stuck objects can put a strain on your teeth and cause severe infection if left alone.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

If your tooth is severely broken, you risk exposure to the interior of the tooth or root, which could lead to an infection if left untreated.


A tooth abscess is severe and requires immediate attention. An abscess is an infection near the root of your tooth—this can be extremely painful. You should be able to identify one based on the pain and its pimple-like appearance.

Excessive Bleeding/Signs of Infection

An infected tooth may come with symptoms such as pain, swelling, and redness. Some symptoms might include tenderness, redness, bleeding and swelling of the gums. Contact the office before any serious complications develop.

Dr. Wank is an emergency dentist specialist and never wants his patients to be in pain. If you have a dental emergency, do not wait. Call us immediately, and we’ll provide you with information on the best course of action. If you’re in pain or have a damaged tooth, don’t put off calling Dr. Wank. The less time you wait to schedule an emergency appointment, the greater the chance we have to save your tooth. Waiting to address the issue will only cause more problems.

If you have a dental emergency, do not hesitate to call our office. Delaying treatment can lead to permanent tooth damage.

Dental emergencies require expert care from a qualified, expert emergency dentist. With Dr. Wank you receive prompt care during a dental emergency. We will arrange a same-day appointment so that you get quick pain relief. If an accident or emergency occurs, don’t delay.

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Let Dr. Wank provide the emergency dental care you need 24/7. Call the office today.

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