5 Smile Flaws Easily Corrected With Veneers

 Smile Flaws Easily Corrected With Veneers

If you’ve always wanted a perfect “Hollywood” smile but don’t want to spend countless hours at the dentist or drain your bank account, you’ll be happy to know that dental veneers offer an easy and highly effective smile makeover solution.

Veneers are durable, ultra-thin porcelain shells that can change the color, size, and shape of your teeth without surgery or extensive reconstruction. Dr. Daniel Wank, DDS, uses veneers to correct several common smile imperfections with beautiful, natural-looking results. 

Here, he discusses five cosmetic dental issues that veneers can conceal flawlessly:

1. Misshapen teeth

Veneers are customized and shaped to your unique needs, so they can correct imperfections in size and shape. If you have one or more teeth that are pointier or smaller than the rest of your teeth, Dr. Wank can use veneers to create aesthetic symmetry that makes your teeth look more uniform in size and shape.

2. Gaps between teeth

Large spaces between teeth affect more than your smile. Gaps between your teeth also create food traps that increase your risk of harboring the decay-causing bacteria and plaque that leads to cavities. Dr. Wank can close problematic gaps between your front teeth with veneers, giving you a beautiful smile with fewer residue-trapping crevices.

3. Slightly crooked teeth

While severely crooked teeth or overcrowding require a conventional orthodontic solution like wire-and-bracket braces or aligners, veneers can effectively improve the appearance of slightly crooked teeth: Dr. Wank simply adheres veneers to the front surface of your teeth so they appear straighter. 

4. Stained teeth

Teeth whitening treatments can’t remove deep stains from teeth. If your teeth have more than surface stains, teeth whitening won’t brighten your smile. That’s where veneers can help.

Dr. Wank can customize the color of veneers to match your surrounding teeth and blend in with your smile while covering stains and discoloration due to aging, disease, medication use, or smoking.

5. Cracked or chipped teeth

Cracks or chips in your front teeth detract from an otherwise beautiful smile. Dental veneers cover these imperfections to give you perfect-looking teeth while offering effective protection against further dental damage.

Veneers are extremely durable and bonded to your teeth with strong, long-lasting adhesives that will endure for years to come.

Get the Hollywood smile you want with custom veneers

Dr. Wank applies custom veneers in just two office visits, giving you beautiful results without spending countless hours in the chair. Caring for veneers requires the same amount of effort as caring for your natural teeth: Just brush and floss thoroughly twice daily, and keep up with your regular dental checkups. 

To find out if dental veneers can give you the beautiful smile you’re after, call Daniel Wank, DDS, today, or use the easy online booking feature to schedule a visit at our Upper East Side office in New York City’s Lenox Hill neighborhood any time.

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