How Dental Implants Can Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Oral Health

How Dental Implants Can Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Oral Health

When you were a child, tooth loss was just part of growing up. But as an adult, losing even one tooth can have a significant impact on your oral health and your self-confidence.

The good news: Dental implants can help. In fact, more than 2 million implants are crafted each year in the United States, helping patients recapture normal oral health and function, along with a more attractive smile.

At his practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City, Daniel Wank, DDS, helps patients replace missing teeth with dental implants using the most advanced techniques and technology. Here’s how implants could benefit your oral health and your confidence, too.

Oral health benefits

Dental implants benefit oral health in several ways. In perhaps the most basic sense, replacing one or more missing teeth helps by supporting normal biting and chewing functions, along with better speech. 

Your mouth is designed to function with a complete set of teeth, and by replacing teeth that are lost, you also maintain those essential functions.

But those are just the immediately apparent benefits. What you may not realize is that replacing missing teeth with implants can prevent a host of oral health problems in the future.

Bite balance

First, implants restore your bite balance, avoiding excess strain on your jaw and facial muscles that can occur when that balance is disrupted by one or more missing teeth. 

And by maintaining a normal bite balance, you can avoid problems like jaw strain, facial pain, chronic headaches, and even chronic problems like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Tooth loss prevention

Implants can also lower your risk of future tooth loss by supporting the normal bone replacement cycle in your jaw. Your jawbone needs stimulation from your tooth roots in order to produce new tissue to replace old bone. 

That cycle helps your jaws stay strong, so they can support your teeth during biting and chewing.

When a tooth is missing, that root is no longer there to provide stimulation essential to the bone replenishment process. Over time, that can lead to root weakening on either side of that gap, eventually causing those teeth to fall out.

Because they extend into your jawbone, implants serve as synthetic tooth roots, stimulating that all-important bone replacement cycle. Dentures and bridges sit on top of the gums, which means they do nothing to support that process. Over time, the jawbone thins out, jeopardizing otherwise healthy teeth.

The confidence factor

Dental implants offer plenty of benefits for maintaining good oral health and even preventing future problems. They also help you feel more confident about the way you look.

Today’s dental implants aren’t just durable — they’re beautiful, too, and they can be expertly shaped and tinted to blend perfectly with your surrounding teeth. 

Since your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, knowing your teeth look strong, healthy, and attractive gives you an immediate boost of confidence.

Compared to dentures, dental implants offer another advantage that can improve your confidence: They don’t slip. While dentures simply rest on your gums, implants are anchored in your jawbone. 

That means you don’t have to worry about embarrassing slippage when you’re eating or speaking, and you also don’t have to worry about odors when food particles get trapped under a denture or bridge.

Transform your smile and your confidence with implants

Don’t let missing teeth take a toll on your health or your confidence. Whether you choose an implant to replace a single tooth or you include them as part of a smile makeover, Dr. Wank has the skills and experience to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. 

To learn how he can help you, call 607-300-6787 today to schedule an appointment.

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